I’m Daniel Kjellsson; a business developer, digital media professional and one who talks too much. I’m an investor, runner and entrepreneur. I try to run 50 kilometers a week and sometimes I succeed. I like to experiment with the internet, words, innovations and ideas. I like to adventure and explore.

I’m the cofounder of digital publisher Sydney Stockholm. After journalism studies and nearly ten years within traditional media (as a reporter, editor and editor of business development) based in Stockholm, Paris and London – in January 2012 I moved to Sydney, Australia; a vibrant region connected to everywhere. Australia offers European, American and Asian influences boiled down on a large continent with a large future. The Australian economy is an international superpower in a convenient size. Its media landscape is still early in its digital rebirth.

I cofounded Sydney Stockholm to reinvent publishing. Not publishing in general necessarily, but what publishing means to me. My cofounder and I want to create what we think a publisher should look like; what every publisher would look like if the phenomenon was born today. Traditional media publishers have been printing bills for a long time. They stand for solid values, protection of the public and a level of quality that many should learn much from. However, they are organised and structured for a media environment that is no longer around; or an economic formula that fled.

Sydney Stockholm is our first stumbling step to create something different. Something born online; no costs, hierarchies or traditions from older forms of media creation and consumption. Sydney Stockholm is something based on the belief that influence and trust is built between individuals rather than between an anonymous media brand and an audience. Modern media is simply one person communicating with others. Sydney Stockholm is something agile enough to manage frequent and severe change and disruption; something fast moving and flexible.

Most of all, Sydney Stockholm is a place were we love to work.

Daniel Kjellsson