Saturday Group spill the beans

For years I’ve considered Saturday Group, the creative mothership of Jens Grede and Erik Torstensson, to be one of the most interesting companies in the fashion, advertising and marketing dump.

With an annual turnover of £60m, more than 200 employees, Saturday Group’s umbrella business interests range from a clothing-distribution company (Tomorrow), a fashion communications division (RMO), a digital creative advertising agency (Wednesday), a talent-management company (ITB360), a trade-focused, glossy fashion fanzine (Industrie), a denim brand (Frame Denim), and, launching in February 2014, a womenswear label (Grace).

Jens Grede:

At the intersection where entertainment meets fashion you have one single 24-hour period through which to make your mark. If you get your 24 hours where the work – an ad, an image, a piece of promotional activity, a music video – spreads from newspaper columns to websites, to blogs, trending Twitter feeds, to TV, radio and social media channels, then you’ve succeeded.

British GQ has got a profile worthy of your time: Saturday Group: You’ve been framed!