Your health records are worth more than your credit card

I’ve been using the Jawbone fitness band for about six months. Without heading into any kind of in-depth review I’ve sort of lost interest at this point and I keep coming back to the conclusion that to have to wear (and charge, sync, etc) anything more than my phone is a hassle.

The data we collect and share (with these products), though, is golden. According to a recent research report from IHS Electronics and Media, on the black market, electronic health records can be worth 20 times as much as stolen credit card data.

There’s really no richer source of personal information about a person than their medical chart. It may include insurance details, past home addresses, phone numbers, Social Security numbers, as well as a patient’s entire medical history — plenty enough to commit insurance fraud or identity theft.

Yahoo Finance has got the story “Risks of using fitness bands and apps”.