Me and my Stan Smith’s

I dress remarkably shoddy for someone who’s spent his life in and around fashion journalism. My only supporter for this “shabby chic” thing I’ve got going on is FELLT contributor and Harper and Harley creator Sara Donaldson, although it might very well be pity.

But not even she approves of these sneakers.

Adidas Stan Smith

I love my Adidas Stan Smith’s, though. Older than I can remember, holes everywhere, glued together at certain places and they’ve bared with me through a bunch of affairs. I ran away with Common Projects, was swept away by Buttero and flirted with Converse.

But I always came back and truth be told, no one ever came close to these bad babies. They’re not even the same colour; the left one is green and the right one is blue (more about that in the story linked below). But you can’t really tell anymore, anyway.

These once-white Vietnam made compadres were recently featured on sneaker blog I Dig Your Sole Man. My thanks to Lester Jones for, combined with his everyday coolness, also encouraging the weak.