Jim Koch, the Boston Beer billionaire, on his secret sales strategy

Armed with a family recipe and a flair for marketing, C. James “Jim” Koch popularized craft beer in the U.S. and turned Boston Beer Co. into the third-largest American-owned brewery. It also made him a billionaire, as sales of his flagship Samuel Adams brand helped Boston Beer shares double in the past year and reach a record high Friday (Sept 6).

For more details on Koch’s story head straight to this Bloomberg piece. It’s a fascinating read at 1,500 words, although one single sentence completely stood out:

This week, Koch will travel to Los Angeles and Maine, where he will go bar-to-bar trying to persuade beverage managers to carry Sam Adams, something he has done since he started brewing beer in his Newton, Massachusetts, kitchen in 1984.

I mean give me a break. If someone had told me that they were going to walk place-to-place for 30 years trying to persuade shopfronts to carry a certain product, I’d say that that individual would become a billionaire regardless of the product. I’m drinking Sam Adams from now on.