Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos on why entrepreneurs should be terrified, but for the right reasons

Fear is a part of running your own company. Fear of running out of cash, fear of making the wrong decision and fear of losing key employees. Fear of disappointing the people that have faith in you, fear of any competitor out there – dead or alive. Fear of outside innovation and evolution leaving you and your idea behind.

I imagine Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos knowing a thing or two about fear, even though often acting fearless. MG Siegler recently reposted one of my favourite quotes of Bezo’s:

You should wake up worried, terrified every morning. But don’t be worried about competitors, because they’re never going to send you any money anyway. Let’s be worried about customers and stay heads-down focused.

Just after the burst of the Internet bubble, Bezos said this to his then 150 employees who were facing increased competition from Barnes & Noble and its 30,000 employees. Stay heads-down focused.