Shout it out loud

A friend gave a lesson the other day: “Worried someone’s gonna steal your idea? Do you have any clue how hard it is to get shit off the ground? No one’s gonna steal your freaking idea.”

Initially I always look at my ideas as if they’re descendants from God; as if they’re valuable pearls grounded by the streams of shit everyone else comes up with. I treasure and protect.

Recognise it? Ever been protective towards just a thought? It’s a cliché saying “an idea is worth nothing; only an action is”. But that’s not only true and crucial; it’s something a majority of us must learn to ever get anything off the ground. A stake to a great contributor, an equity plan to employees; even positioning oneself out of absolute control. Thought through – it’s for the best.

Take your shortest path to success. So you’ve never baked? Then the odds are you alone won’t be a very successful baker. The Apple app store is only a gold mine in the sense that it’s a cold and dark place where lives and dreams are buried. Just as none of us became online poker millionaires nor walked out of that tech stock with a new life under the arm.

Own a percentage of something great rather than all of nothing. Shouting your shit to the world might be the best way of actually getting it out there.